Pan a general purpose circuit simulator


Pan is a general purpose circuit simulator. It does analyses of nonlinear circuits and employs both time domain and frequency domain based algorithms. It implements DC analysis and transient analysis of mixed analog/digital circuits. External modules described in VerilogA can be compiled and loaded by the simulator. The octave like laguage is supported for elaboration of simulation results and to control the simulation flow. Results by simulations are stored in the output files in binary-raw-spice format and can be viewed by using conventional spice-result viewers.


Pan is distributed only in binary format (executable) and it runs only using Linux operating systems.

Pan comes free "as is" with absolutely no express or implied warranty.

Download user manual (PDF)
Download pan (version 2018.1.a-823 32bit binary, Mint 17)
Download pan (version 2019.1.a-960, x86-64, IntelCoreI7 Mint 18)
Download pan (version 2018.2.a-865, x86-64, InterCoreI7 Centos7)
Download circuit examples (23-09-14)
Download circuit examples described in the IeeeMagazine